Raspberry Pi - Single Board Computer

Raspberry Pi 2 B - specifications
CPU Broadcom BCM2836 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7
4 USB ports
40 GPIO pins
Ethernet 10/100
Wi-Fi requires USB adapter 802.11n
Combined 3.5mm audio/video jack
Camera interface (CSI)
Display interface (DSI)
Micro SD card slot
VideoCore IV 3D graphics core
Power 4 W (5 V)
Size : 85.60 mm × 56.5 mm / 45g
Release date February 2015
Price about 40€

The Raspberry Pi (short: RPi or RasPi) is an ultra-low-cost ($20-$35) credit-card sized Linux computer which was conceived with the primary goal of teaching computer programming.
It was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is a UK registered charity.

Beginners should start with NOOBS link

Basics: installing Raspbian
- Download the latest version of Raspbian from here.
- Writing the image onto micro SD card on your PC
(How to install Raspbian on SD card (Linux).txt)
- Boot RPi from SD card

login: pi
password: raspberry

# sudo raspi-config
- select the "Expand Filesystem" option and hit the enter key
- select the "Enable Boot To Desktop/Scratch" option and
- "Desktop Log in as user 'pi' at the graphical desktop" or:
# startx to manual option to desktop
# sudo reboot
- Once on the desktop start by changing the password :
# passwd pi
# sudo rpi-update

Rasberry Pi is an ideal machine for Home Server

# sudo raspi-config
- select "Advanced options / ssh enable"
- on your PC :
# ssh pi@ip_raspberry_pi

# sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
#vncserver :1
Indicate password (8 characters max)
Use vnc client to connect or ssh and :
# vncserver (in connexion session)


Nginx web server .txt

Samba - files server.txt

MySQL - phpMyAdmin.txt


Plex Media Server


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