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Hardware info Linux

    CMotherboardt Bios ( root) : dmidecode (ou dd if=/dev/mem bs=32k skip=31 count=1 | strings -n 8 | grep -i bios)
    RAM : free -m
    Procesor : lscpu - cat /proc/cpuinfo
    Video card: lspci | grep VGA
    List of perypherials bus PCI : lspci
    List of perypherials USB : lsusb
    Network : ifconfig
    HDD ocupation : df -h
    Partition swap : swapon -s
    kernel, machine name: uname -a
    Activity: uptime, top, ps, who, vmstat ...

programs : hardinfo ou lshw

Activation root Ubuntu:
sudo passwd root (<-> sudo passwd -l root)