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How to install CyanogenMod on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110

=> Downloads :

=> You need SD Card Reader - for copying over the CyanogenMod Firmware and GApps
       or use Android SDK Tools => Dalvik Debug Monitor(android-sdk-linux/tools/ddms)

=> Steps to install :
  1. Copy the and to the root of the SD Card. This will be used to flash both to the P3110
  2. Turn off your P3110 completely.Boot into Download Mode.
    Press (and hold) the Volume Down button, then press the Power button. A screen will show up asking if you are sure. Press the Volume Up button to confirm.
  3. Connect your device to your computer.
  4. Run the following command to flash your P3110:

    # heimdall flash --recovery /.../recovery-clockwork- --no-reboot

    You should have seen a blue transfer bar appear. The device won't boot because of the --no-reboot option.
    If it did boot, it seems Samsung's software removes the ClockworkMod Recovery right away.
    After the blue transfer bar completes and Heimdall reports:
    "Uploading RECOVERY 100% RECOVERY upload successful. Ending session... Releasing device interface..."
    you need to disconnect the USB lead from the PC before attempting to boot into Recovery Mode
  5. Boot into Recovery Mode press (and hold) the Volume Up button, then press (and hold) the Power button. Keep holding the Volume Up button until the Recovery menu appears
    You can use the Power button to confirm. You can use the Volume Up button to go up. You can use the Volume Down button to go down.
    Now it's recommended to select "backup and restore" to create a backup of the previous installation.
    Select install zip from sdcard.
    Select choose zip from external sdcard
    Next you have to select and install
    Go back to the top menu. Select wipe data/factory reset.
    That's it. Select reboot system now.